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5T 'HE   ^JTE   OF   ?HE

I SHALL never forget the first time I witnessed
the medicine-man's startling incantations over
the dead buffalo head, which is a special ceremony
performed when out on war parties, I was young
and I was so scared that I ran. We were camping
at Shell Creek, south of the Milk River in Mon-
tana, when one night the band of Crows whose
spy we had killed, caught us off guard and crept
into our camp and drove away our entire herd of
horses. The next day our band decided to chase
the Crows and avenge this raid. Our aim was to
recapture our own ponies and to take all of the
horses possessed by the Crows, if we could.

Whenever a war party of this nature was to
start out, the leader always first consulted the
medicine-man to find out what sort of luck the
party would have. The chief would go to the
medicine-man and 'offer him the pipe5* If the
medicine-man 'accepted' the pipeó smoke itó